start your refashion journey


in the moment your dressing up how good your inner sense knows about your desire, your passion, your uniqueness and your beliefs?

In the moment you decide on what should dress you up how good do you know how it will fit to your personality, your mood and what matters to you?

how much sustainable and ethical thought is playing into your decision when you make our next purchase?

when will you start your discovery to refashionate?

join the refashionate journey

The wardrobe swap

sorted in – and out… Before the deeper look into the closet… Do you already know the colours fitting to your type? How many pieces you would need to survive? Material that you can imagine to wear? Let’s start asking a few questions … There are good instructions in well-known magazines, there are advisors and…

The re.fashionate manifest

you want to take it seriously ? There is a whole universe of choices out there for „my“ fashion, my clothes to purchase. But which criteria do I want to follow? Which trends do I join and what should lead me, guide me, be allowed to influence me?Here’s an attempt for what’s important to me…


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