I‘m not a fashion label

Some weeks before I could not imagine writing about fashion and my connection to it. Now, after weeks of diving into the topic I observed myself and my surrounding with a new curiosity I couldn’t imagine of. That‘s why I wrote about it a little more personal. It may resonate with someone out there – maybe not…


the idea

The re.fashionate project:

Discover fashion until it fits your own “ Self „. The label that only knows you as a model.

At the beginning of July 2021 I started the project „Refashionate“. My intention is to create a more conscious personal approach to clothing and to transform my own closet into a treasure trove through the discovery of my own style, with fairly and sustainably produced clothing.
For me, this is a special challenge, since I have never dealt with fashion until yesterday. Therefore, it is a special journey into the unknown world of fashion – but even more into the discovery of what is important to me and should determine my consumption.

the timeframe

The project ends at the end of September: a short period of time to achieve the desired goals. During this time I will browse, search, learn – gather ideas, create interesting links and I will create a journal: A kind of project zine – as pdf-download it will be available for free at the end of the project.

On the project twitteraccount @refashionjourney you can find posts about this exciting topic. If you like, you are welcome to support me.

the outcome

A „good refashionate guide“

with instructions for one’s own journey towards more conscious action, reduction of one’s own carbon fashion footprint, for more courage for one’s own style and more joy for truly enriching garments.

Earn your fashion label by ending the journey with a statement of being „refashionate“.