The re.fashionate manifest

you want to take it seriously ?

There is a whole universe of choices out there for „my“ fashion, my clothes to purchase. But which criteria do I want to follow? Which trends do I join and what should lead me, guide me, be allowed to influence me?
Here’s an attempt for what’s important to me personally on refashionate: It’s a version 1.0 of a „manifest“- will surely evolve…

  1. start with yourself: what is your real need and act out of yourself, without being influenced by others: no „sale“ call should be able to control your need.
  2. decide consequently for sustainability: from buying, wearing, washing, caring, repairing, passing on.
  3. pay attention and act so that the production of your clothes of choice follow social and ethical criteria.
  4. make yourself beautiful: recognize what makes you and what makes this I show to the outside.
  5. recognize your need and choose your clothes in such a way that your need is respected or even supported.
  6. Own only as much as you really need without having to limit yourself and use exchange/second-hand as a space for adaptation and creative expression of yourself.
  7. be open to transformation: stay on the lookout for things that enrich you and support/underline your personal beauty and inner needs.