The wardrobe swap

sorted in – and out…

Before the deeper look into the closet…

Do you already know the colours fitting to your type? How many pieces you would need to survive? Material that you can imagine to wear? Let’s start asking a few questions …

There are good instructions in well-known magazines, there are advisors and those who „give advice“ so well that their clothes are soon to be found in your own closet.
But what would be my criteria to follow. „My“ seal of quality which makes me proud of a new „refashionate“ standpoint

  1. look first, if really necessary
  2. prevent a „quick purchase“ or emergency purchase
  3. how often will I wear it? Is it also possible to swap or borrow?
  4. how would it be, if one knows the sizes of the friends and can help out fast and uncomplicated?
  5. ranking the love of clothes. Where does the weave get weak?
  6. durable: good fabric ( new: fair material), easy to clean, can be combined well, grows with the waist, does not wear out, durable on the problematic areas of use, does not discolor.
  7. is easy to pass on: because of good quality
  8. can be upcycled if you want to pimp something
  9. is environmentally friendly, because recyclable and no plastic slingshot.
  10. is on photos still in 10+ years the eye-catcher
  11. is good for your own style and does not run the risk of being sorted out.
  12. can be changed, if it should change – e.g. as short shorts or something similar
  13. does not shrink, does only need little ironing (if at all), is robust and not too delicate second skin.
  14. gets along with the upper or lower or secondary garments.
  15. does not scratch, smells pleasant and is a pleasant eye-catcher.